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Half-Day Kindergarten No More In Cedarburg

Apr 28, 2014 09:54PM, Published by Matt Schroeder, Categories: Today, Schools

Cedarburg School District

Half-day kindergarten is officially vanishing from the Cedarburg School District, due to diminishing requests and evolution of the full-day program.

Cedarburg transitioned to full-day kindergarten in 2008, making it among the late adopters of the program in Wisconsin. It continued to offer a half-day option by request, but by this year only four families took advantage, half as many as the previous two years. But having even one half-day student required teachers to put all core curriculum items in that half-day, and Todd Bugnacki, the district's director of curriculum and instruction, said at Monday's school board meeting that teachers expressed concerns that it was preventing the program from really blossoming.

“It's not shapes and colors anymore,” said Parkview kindergarten teacher Lenny Hanson, who spoke to the school board Monday in favor of the change. Having a class this year made up of only full-day students has allowed him to increase flexibility and rigor even more. He said that five years ago, kindergarten math standards involved counting to 20. Now, students are borrowing and carrying in their subtraction and addition, and he said the full-day program was essential to that growth.

The board approved the change Monday without a dissenting vote.

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cedarburg school district half-day kindergarten

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